Our Mission Statement

We connect people with real-time entertainment to make them feel the pleasure of communication.

Our Vision

Beyond mobile casual RPG game developers, we deliver online game creation platforms that make it easy for anyone to design online games they want to create without any technical knowledge. 

We are not ordinary, and we are exceptional. Before we take a step, we always think about market size, growth potential, competitive situation, our status based on a thorough analysis and understanding of the mobile game market because the mobile game market has been already in a state of intensified competition with a few big players.

We are true believers in the idea of value investing and focusing on things we can control. We think about the products we can design better than anyone, the markets we should target, and the customers we should target too. Moreover, it is our highest priority to provide a high-quality game that responds to it with the fastest execution power.

About us

We are a specialized developer focused on mobile casual RPG games, which established in April 2016 based in Seoul, South Korea. Our company is composed of talented and passionate members who love real-time casual RPG games.

We have been developing and delivering real-time online casual RPG games such as Growing Stones, Pocket Mafia, Lost Gunz, and Zombie Strike Online.

We got a strategic investment from Nexon in January 2018, which is intended to let us have an opportunity to develop the mobile version of The Kingdom of Winds: Yeon of Nexon. It's scheduled to launch in 2019. The mobile version will be released on the foundations of the PC version.

Besides, in August 2018, we launched an online game development platform called Nekoland, which makes it easy for anyone to develop online games and play them on mobile without complicated coding knowledge.

Our goal for 2019

First, we aim to provide the best play experience on a mobile version for those who love "The Kingdom of Winds:Yeon" with having good memories and affection for PC online.

Second, people who want to develop games by themselves but have not completed it because of technological barriers and limitations. We let them grow, design, and have the opportunity to make money by creating and directly servicing the games they want to create through our online game development platform called Nekoland. We hope to make Nekoland more successful in 2019.

Our History

  • The Kingdom of Winds:Yeon is currently scheduled for launch in 2019

  • Launched Nekoland in August 2018

  • Got strategic investment from Nexon in January 2018

  • Launched Growing Stones in May 2017

  • Got strategic investment from LINE Games in December 2016

  • Launched Zombi Strike Online in October 2016

  • Launched Pocket Mafia in May 2016

  • Supercat established in April 2016


1568 7F, Nambusunhwan-ro, Gwank-go, SEOUL, South Korea


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